How Much Does It Cost to Start and Run a Blog

How Much Does It Cost to Start and Run a Blog Updated 2023 Must Read Guide

Updated : 30th, August 2023

Updated 2023 Must read guide on How Much Does It Cost to Start and Run a Blog. So, if you're thinking about starting a blog but are worried about the costs, this is the post for you


Hey, what's up, awesome people? Welcome back to my blog! Today, we're diving into the nitty-gritty of how much it actually costs to start and run a blog. Trust me, I've been through the grind, and I've got the receipts to prove it. So, if you're thinking about starting a blog but are worried about the costs, this is the post for you. Let's get into it!

Key Takeaways

  • Initial Costs of Starting a Blog
  • Monthly and Annual Expenses
  • Hidden Costs You Didn't Know About
  • How to Budget for Your Blog
  • Ways to Offset Blogging Costs

Blogging Costs Breakdown

Expense Category Initial Cost ($) Monthly Cost ($) Annual Cost ($) Notes
Domain Name 10 - 10 Purchased from Namecheap
Hosting Services 70 - 100 Started with Bluehost
Blogging Platform - - - Used WordPress (Free)
Themes and Plugins 150 - - Premium WordPress theme & plugins
Total Initial Costs 230 - -
Email Marketing - 15 180 Used Mailchimp
SEO Tools - 99 1,188 Invested in SEMrush
Content Creation - 200 2,400 Freelancers for writing & design
Total Monthly Costs - 314 -
Total Annual Costs - - 3,768
Taxes - - Variable 30% of earnings set aside
Emergency Fund - - 500 For unexpected costs

The table shows both initial, monthly, and annual costs. Some costs like hosting have both an initial and an annual cost. Taxes are variable and depend on your earnings. The emergency fund is a one-time setup but should be replenished as used.

Initial Costs of Starting a Blog

Domain Name

The first thing you'll need is a domain name. I got mine from Namecheap for around $10 per year.


Always look for discounts or coupons; I got a 20% discount on my first purchase.

Hosting Services

Next up is hosting. I started with Bluehost, which cost me about $70 for the first year.

Did You Know

Hosting services often offer discounts for the first year, so take advantage of that.

Blogging Platform

I chose WordPress because it's free and super customizable.


There are other platforms like Wix and Squarespace, but they can be pricier in the long run.

Themes and Plugins

I spent around $50 on a premium WordPress theme and another $100 on essential plugins.


Free themes are available, but premium themes offer more features and better support.

Total Initial Costs

So, adding it all up, the initial cost for me was around $230.

Monthly and Annual Expenses

Hosting Renewal

After the first year, hosting renewal costs can go up. For me, Bluehost's renewal was about $100 per year.

Email Marketing

I use Mailchimp for my email marketing, which costs me around $15 per month or $180 per year.

SEO Tools

I invested in SEMrush for SEO, which is $99 per month or $1,188 per year.


SEO tools can be expensive but are crucial for blog growth.

Content Creation

I occasionally hire freelance writers and graphic designers. This costs me around $200 per month.

Total Monthly and Annual Costs

Adding all these up, my monthly cost is around $314, and the annual cost is approximately $3,768.

Hidden Costs You Didn't Know About


Don't forget about taxes! As a blogger, you're essentially running a small business. I set aside about 30% of my earnings for taxes.

Emergency Expenses

Things break. Websites crash. I keep an emergency fund of around $500 for such situations.

Did You Know

An emergency fund can be a lifesaver when unexpected costs pop up.

How to Budget for Your Blog

Track Your Expenses

I use a simple Excel sheet to track all my blogging expenses.


There are also apps like Mint that can help you budget.


Know what's essential and what's not. For example, SEO tools are a must for me, but I can skimp on graphic design by using free tools like Canva.

Look for Alternatives

Always be on the lookout for cheaper or free alternatives to costly services or tools.

Ways to Offset Blogging Costs

Affiliate Marketing

I make around $500 per month through affiliate marketing, which helps offset some of the costs.

I charge around $200 for a sponsored post on my blog.

Selling Digital Products

I sell an eBook for $10 and make around $300 per month from it.


It took me about a year to start making a decent income from my blog.

Conclusion Final Thoughts!

Alright, folks, that's the real deal on how much it costs to start and run a blog. Blogging isn't free, but it doesn't have to break the bank either. With smart budgeting and a little hustle, you can offset the costs and even make some money. So, if you're passionate about blogging, don't let the costs deter you. Go for it!

Don't count the cost. Count the worth.

Catch you in the next post, and until then, keep rocking!


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